Monday, October 22, 2012

mood swing

lately i feel so down, so confused, so week, so vulnerable

maybe due to the hormonal changes....maybe due to stress....maybe due to everything under the sun....

i lost my appetite...i lost my focus.....i lost my will to fight....suddenly i feel i'm not the same person anymore....

come to think about it, hey, there are so many unfortunate ppl out there! Why should i be feeling like i'm one of them?

i am blessed to have a beautiful family, two adorable and charming cupcakes, a job that provides everything for my family, a nice house to stay (soon!), a national car to drive etc

i have everything that i need...wake up!

what more do i need?

i just need to learn how to be grateful and continue spreading the positive vibes to ppl around me....Insha Allah

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